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Thursday, March 20, 2008

New books we ordered March 19, 2008

Below is a list of the books recently ordered by the library. They are grouped by Fiction, Non-fiction, LargeType, and Children. Click on the title to see more and request a copy!

Night shadow by Adair, Cherry
For the love of Mike by Bowen, Rhys
In Dublin's fair city by Bowen, Rhys
A royal pain by Bowen, Rhys
Tell me, pretty maiden by Bowen, Rhys
Lucky T by Brian, Kate
Sweet 16 by Brian, Kate
Cross by Bruen, Ken
Missing you by Cabot, Meg
Code name Cassandra by Carroll, Jenny
Safe house by Carroll, Jenny
Sanctuary by Carroll, Jenny
Silver : my own tale as written by me with a goodly amount of murder by Chupack, Edward
Twice loved by Copeland, Lori
Blood kin by Dovey, Ceridwen
Forged by fire by Draper, Sharon
Tears of a tiger by Draper, Sharon
The Konkans by D'Souza, Tony
Smart vs. pretty by Frankel, Valerie
The janissary tree by Goodwin, Jason
In war times by Goonan, Kathleen
Necessary evils by Hart, Neesa
Labor of love by Hawthorne, Rachel
Dark summer by Johansen, Iris
A wallflower Christmas by Kleypas, Lisa
Your heart belongs to me by Koontz, Dean
Much ado in the moonlight by Kurland, Lynn
With every breath by Kurland, Lynn
How they met, and other stories by Levithan, David
Now you see it... : stories from Cooksville, Pa by Monk, Bathsheba
Civil & strange by Ni Aonghusa, Clair
Salvation in death by Robb, J. D.
The name of the wind by Rothfuss, Pat
The adultery club by Stimson, Tess
Wash this blood clean from my hand by Vargas, Fred
Whatever tomorrow brings by Wick, Lori

The Conde Nast traveler book of unforgettable journeys : great writers on great places
The Facts on File companion to American poetry.
Thirty ways of looking at Hillary : reflections by women writers
Why we're liberals : a political handbook for post-Bush America by Alterman, Eric
Predictably irrational : the hidden forces that shape our decisions by Ariely, Dan
The complete idiot's guide to success as a chef by Bilderback, Leslie
The little Earth book by Bruges, James
The Tao of Warren Buffett : Warren Buffett's words of wisdom : quotations and interpretations to help guide you to billionaire wealth and enlightened business management by Buffett, Mary
Becoming a chef by Dornenburg, Andrew
A life with Karol : my forty-year friendship with the man who became Pope by Dziwisz, Stanislaw
At large and at small : familiar essays by Fadiman, Anne
Farewell, my Subaru : an epic adventure in local living by Fine, Doug
House of wits : an intimate portrait of the James family by Fisher, Paul
American chestnut : the life, death, and rebirth of a perfect tree by Freinkel, Susan
Puppy chow is better than Prozac : the true story of a man and the dog who saved his life by Goldstein, Bruce
Insomniac by Greene, Gayle
Road map to Holland : how I found my way through my son's first two years with Down syndrome by Groneberg, Jennifer
Retribution : the battle for Japan, 1944-45 by Hastings, Max
Mein Kampf by Hitler, Adolf
Mirroring people : the new science of how we connect with others by Iacoboni, Marco
The guy book : an owner's manual for teens : safety, maintenance, and operating instructions for teens by Jukes, Mavis
A long retreat : in search of a religious life by Krivak, Andrew
Coffee with Groucho by Louvish, Simon
The Facts on File dictionary of foreign words and phrases by Manser, Martin
Ancient Greece : an explorer's guide by Meagher, Robert
Ancient Ireland : an explorer's guide by Meagher, Robert
The place to be : Washington, CBS, and the glory days of television news by Mudd, Roger
One man's wilderness : an Alaskan odyssey by Proenneke, Richard
Truth at last : the untold story behind James Earl Ray and the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. by Ray, John Larry
Mental resilience : the power of clarity : how to develop the focus of a warrior and the peace of a monk by Sarma, Kamal
Coffee with Dickens by Schlicke, Paul
The quest of the historical Jesus by Schweitzer, Albert
Make any divorce better! : specific steps to make things smoother, faster, less painful and save you a lot of money by Sherman, Ed
Twilight in the desert : the coming Saudi oil shock and the world economy by Simmons, Matthew
sTORI telling by Spelling, Tori
Hunting the tiger : the fast life and violent death of the Balkans' most dangerous man by Stewart, Christopher
The three trillion dollar war : the true cost of the Iraq Conflict by Stiglitz, Joseph
Going broke : why Americans can't hold on to their money by Vyse, Stuart
The only 127 things you need : a guide to life's essentials- according to the experts by Wilkinson, Donna

Your heart belongs to me by Koontz, Dean

A thief in the theater : a Kit mystery by Buckey, Sarah
Moving day by Cabot, Meg
The new girl by Cabot, Meg
Stuck in the mud by Clarke, Jane
Skylar by Cuffe-Perez, Mary
On the farm by Elliott, David
The runaway friend : a Kirsten mystery by Ernst, Kathleen
As if being 12 3/4 isn't bad enough, my mother is running for president! by Gephart, Donna
Monkey and me by Gravett, Emily
Mama mine, mama mine by Gray, Rita
Outcast by Hunter, Erin
We believe in Christmas by Kingsbury, Karen
Robinson Crusoe by McFadden, Deanna
Dragonlight by Paul, Donita
Kidnapped by Stevenson, Robert
Deep down popular by Stone, Phoebe
Andy finds a way by Stuart, Jesse
Gulliver's travels by Swift, Jonathan

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