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Thursday, March 13, 2008

New books we ordered March 12, 2008

Below is a list of the books recently ordered by the library. They are grouped by Fiction and Non-fiction. Click on the title to see more and request a copy!

The tale of Briar Bank by Albert, Susan
A spoonful of poison by Beaton, M. C.
Being Elizabeth by Bradford, Barbara Taylor
Mr. Emerson's wife by Brown, Amy
Death swatch by Childs, Laura
Scarpetta by Cornwell, Patricia
Into the flame by Dodd, Christina
Into the shadow by Dodd, Christina
Dark curse by Feehan, Christine
Now you see him by Gottlieb, Eli
Black Ops by Griffin, W. E. B.
Rough justice by Higgins, Jack
Night of thunder by Hunter, Stephen
The book of Marie by Kay, Terry
Running hot by Krentz, Jayne
Obedience by Lavender, Will
The world according to Bertie by McCall Smith, Alexander
A mercy by Morrison, Toni
Bone by bone by O'Connell, Carol
Covenant by Odom, Mel
Rough weather by Parker, Robert
Indignation by Roth, Philip
Heat lightning by Sandford, John
The saint, the surfer, and the CEO : a remarkable story about living your heart's desires by Sharma, Robin
Armageddon in retrospect by Vonnegut, Kurt
Hot mahogany by Woods, Stuart

Be happy without being perfect : how to break free from the perfection deception by Domar, Alice
The cardio-free diet by Karas, Jim
Discovery! : the search for Arabian oil by Stegner, Wallace

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