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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Book Lover's Corner

Many of you have probably noticed the new feature that appeared on our website and iPac stations last week. The Book Lover's Corner is a new area on our website that our patrons can use to help them find good books to read. This site will help our patrons find new authors and books in two ways. First, it offers a central location for our patrons to access three tried-and-true ways to find a good book--Pearl's Picks, NoveList, and BookLetters. Second, we offer three custom areas that were created by your librarians--Explore Fiction, Have You Read Everything By..., and Your Librarians' Lists.

The Explore Fiction area is a place for patrons to discover new authors within a favorite genre. If someone likes to read Action and Adventure stories, all that needs to be done is click on the Action/Adventure button and the reader will see dozens of authors that write those kinds of stories. Some genres are even more specialized. Romance, for example, is broken down into different kinds of Romance stories. So if a person only likes to read Paranormal Romances or Regency Romances, the reader can jump down the page to see a list of those specific types of books. If you don't know what makes a book a Paranormal Romance or a Regency Romance, you can pass your mouse over the heading and a definition will pop up.

The Have You Read Everything By... page is a list of dozens of our most popular authors and series. When you click on an author's name it will take you to a page that will let you know what books have recurring characters or are part of a series and in which order they should be read. If you don't find an author you are looking for on this page, please let us know and we will be able to add him or her.

Your Librarians' Lists are a group of lists that we have created of books that are related in some way. Some books have similar characters, others have similar locations. For some, it is the authors that share the connection, rather than the books themselves. How the books on the list are connected can vary, but it is almost guaranteed that if you like one book that appears on the list, you will like another.

We are very excited about this page and we hope that it will help all of you in your quest to find the next great book to read.

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