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Monday, January 28, 2008

Downloadable legal forms for all occasions

In today's self-reliant and Internet-savvy world, people are always looking for ways to do things themselves. Even legal matters. Whether they're looking to sell their home by owner, set up a living will, change their name or become a real estate mogul, they want the solution.

Standard legal tasks can become less daunting thanks, in part, to Gale LegalForms, a service of your public library. All you need is a valid library card. This online resource delivers everything do-it-yourselfers need to take charge of their legal affairs with confidence. Avoid hours of time locating various print products, searching through various web sites, or contacting a host of government and legal offices in an effort to locate legal forms.

  • Empowering - Take the lead with legal issues.
    Many standard legal tasks such as developing a will or managing an estate may not necessitate the full services of an attorney.

  • Practical - No more hunting for the right form.
    Avoid searching through different Web sites, or contacting a host of government and legal offices in an effort to locate legal forms.

  • Professional - Legal forms used by law firms.
    The specialized documents are continuously reviewed and updated by a staff of attorneys keeping pace with today's dynamic legal environment. Every form is updated at least annually and many are updated as many as 3 times each year.

  • Streamlined - Forms are just a click away.
    See the actual forms as well as a general description of each form.

  • Tailored - State-specific precision.
    Legal forms are specifically drafted for the state of Kentucky, as well as federal forms and other documents applicable across the nation. Most documents can be customized by users.

Please note: The Library cannot give legal advice. These forms are offered as a guide to help you with your legal affairs. If you do not know which form to use or do not understand how to complete the form, please seek the advice of a competent attorney.

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