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Monday, January 14, 2008

2,000 stock analyst reports right here

It's official: Morningstar's 100+ stock analysts now actively cover and report on more than 2,000 companies. This is among the broadest analyst coverage available from any vendor today.

In-depth coverage means Morningstar's stock analysts watch their stocks like hawks, visit the companies, talk to the executives, and dissect company financials. The result is that you can be sure you are basing your investing decisions on some of the most incisive and independent opinion around.

Morningstar analysts cover the stocks investors want to know about. These are the most widely held companies, stocks popular with users of Morningstar's research services, and a mix of interesting mid- and small-capitalization opportunities.

The expanded coverage arrives just in time for the new year. This is when companies begin reporting 2007 earnings--information investors eagerly anticipate and seek out educated opinion about in order to make better sense of the numbers. is great tool for new and veteran investors. It's chock full of unbiased analyst reports, tools for evaluating your portfolio, and lessons on how to invest. The best part is that it's free to all valid library cardholders! Begin now or learn more.

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