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Saturday, June 21, 2008

A new prescription for health information

The new Health and Wellness Resource Center offers you instant access to authoritative health information including full-text medical encyclopedias, health and medical journals, thousands of pamphlets, streaming videos, and health articles from more than 3,000 general interest publications covering health care, diet, and fitness topics. Whether you're a student, patient or medical professional, the Health and Wellness Resource Center is comprehensive and easy to navigate - and helps anyone seeking health information breathe a sigh of relief!

More than the web

Amid the chaos of the Internet, we have reserved a place just for you to explore the health issues that matter. No more huge lists of irrelevant search results. No more scouring the Web for relevant sites. No more relying on information from unknown sources. The Health and Wellness Resource Center is a safe haven far removed from the pitfalls of the open Web.

Find authoritative information on today's hottest topics such as HPV, antioxidants, and AIDS. Alternative medicine, one of the hottest trends in medicine today, is fully explored in the Health and Wellness Resource Center. Here you will find a one-stop, full-service reesource for alternative and complimentary therapies.

Whether you need to answer questions you couldn't ask your doctor, or you need medical information in understandable terms, the Health and Wellness Resource Center is the one health site you will consult time and again.

Have your library card handy to get started now!

This information is not a tool for self-diagnosis or a substitute for professional care.

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