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Saturday, June 21, 2008

New books we ordered June 19, 2008

Below is a list of the books recently ordered by the library. They are grouped by Fiction, Non-fiction, and Large Print. Click on the title to see more and request a copy!

Something wicked by Beverley, Jo
Sacrifice by Bolton, S. J.
The great man by Christensen, Kate
Invincible by Denning, Troy
Doris Day : the untold story of the girl next door by Kaufman, David
The gun seller by Laurie, Hugh
House rules by Lawson, Michael
Fallen angels by Myers, Walter
Mind's eye : an Inspector Van Veeteren mystery by Nesser, Hakan
The greatest thing since sliced bread by Robertson, Don
The steel wave : a novel of World War II by Shaara, Jeff
The god of war by Silver, Marisa
The Septembers of Shiraz by Sofer, Dalia
Brothers in arms by Weis, Margaret

Whale done! : the power of positive relationships
Keeping bees and making honey by Benjamin, Alison
George Washington on leadership by Brookhiser, Richard
Say goodbye to being shy : a workbook to help kids overcome shyness by Brozovich, Richard
Tail talk : understanding the secret language of dogs by Collins, Sophie
Enjoying dog agility by Daniels, Julie
Simon says : a true story of boys, guns and murder by Eastburn, Kathryn
Breast- and bottle-feeding : an easy-to-follow guide by Edwards, Naia
The iambics of Newfoundland : notes from an unknown shore by Finch, Robert
My horizontal life : a collection of one-night stands by Handler, Chelsea
Distracted : the erosion of attention and the coming Dark Age by Jackson, Maggie
Not without my sister by Jones, Celeste
Forward from here : leaving middle age--and other unexpected adventures by Lindbergh, Reeve
I don't have to make everything all better : six practical principles that empower others to solve their own problems while enriching your relationships by Lundberg, Gary
Heartless : the true story of Neil Entwistle and the brutal murder of his wife and child by McPhee, Michele
Against medical advice : a true story by Patterson, James
Warped passages : unraveling the mysteries of the Universe's hidden dimensions by Randall, Lisa
Desperate passage : the Donner Party's perilous journey West by Rarick, Ethan
Nobility of spirit : a forgotten ideal by Riemen, Rob
The ABCs of breastfeeding : everything a mom needs to know for a happy nursing experience by Rubin, Stacey
White House ghosts : presidents and their speechwriters by Schlesinger, Robert
Julie Andrews : an intimate biography by Stirling, Richard
The gonzo way by Thompson, Anita
A fourth treasury of knitting patterns by Walker, Barbara
The billionaire's vinegar : the mystery of the world's most expensive bottle of wine by Wallace, Benjamin

Married lovers by Collins, Jackie
The pagan stone by Roberts, Nora

An artist's America by Albert, Michael
Cool zone with the Pain & the Great One by Blume, Judy
Paddington here and now by Bond, Michael
Maybe a bear ate it! by Harris, Robie
A day with Dad by Holmberg, Bo
Ever by Levine, Gail
The big field by Lupica, Mike
Forever Rose by McKay, Hilary
All shook up by Pearsall, Shelley
How I learned geography by Shulevitz, Uri
United tweets of America by Talbott, Hudson
Alternative cars by Wheeler, Jill
Avi by Wheeler, Jill
Barbara Park by Wheeler, Jill
Christopher Paolini by Wheeler, Jill
Cockapoos by Wheeler, Jill
C.S. Lewis by Wheeler, Jill
Everyday conservation by Wheeler, Jill
Goldendoodles by Wheeler, Jill
Kate DiCamillo by Wheeler, Jill
Labradoodles by Wheeler, Jill
Lemony Snicket by Wheeler, Jill
Mary Pope Osborne by Wheeler, Jill
Puggles by Wheeler, Jill
Schnoodles by Wheeler, Jill
Yorkie-poos by Wheeler, Jill
Go, go America by Yaccarino, Dan

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