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Friday, May 25, 2012

New Books we ordered May 23, 2012

Below is a list of the books recently ordered by the library. They are grouped by Adult and Children. Click on the title to see more and request a copy!

Books for Adults (Fiction and Nonfiction)
Can't help falling in love by Andre, Bella
Fatal vows by Hasey, Joseph
Feud by Waller, Altina
Reshaping it all by Cameron, Candace
Pathfinder system by Canterbury, Dave
Gone missing (LT) by Castillo, Linda
Promise of an angel (LT) by Reid, Ruth
Scent of rain and lightning (LT) by Pickard, Nancy
Let love find you (LT) by Lindsey, Johanna
Midnight promises (LT) by Woods, Sherryl
Search and destroy (LT) by Clancy, Tom
The Paris directive : an Inspector Mazarelle novel by Jay, Gerald
POD by Wallenfels, Stephen
Red star burning : a thriller by Freemantle, Brian
Remembering Che : my life with Che Guevara by March de la Torre, Aleida
The return man : civilisation's gone, but he's stayed to bury the dead by Zito, V. M.
The secret keeper by Morton, Kate
The seven wonders : a novel of the ancient world by Saylor, Steven
The soldier's wife by Trollope, Joanna
Spartacus : The Gladiator by Kane, Ben
Target Tinos : an Inspector Kaldis mystery by Siger, Jeffrey
Ten-Gallon War : The NFL's Cowboys, the AFL's Texans, and the Feud for Dallas's Pro Football Future by Eisenberg, John
Terminal point : a Strykers Syndicate novel by Ruiz, K. M.
This is how you lose her by Díaz, Junot
The Tintern treasure by Sedley, Kate
Tiny beautiful things : advice on love and life from Dear Sugar by Strayed, Cheryl
True Food by Weil, Andrew
Underwater dogs by Casteel, Seth
Visit sunny Chernobyl : and other adventures in the world's most polluted places by Blackwell, Andrew
What are you looking at? : the surprising, shocking, and sometimes strange story of one hundred years of modern art by Gompertz, Will
The whole life prostate book : everything that every man-at every age-needs to know about maintaining optimal prostate health by Carter, H. Ballentine
Who I am : a memoir by Townshend, Pete
You & me : a novel by Powell, Padgett
America's great debate : Henry Clay, Stephen A. Douglas, and the compromise that preserved the Union by Bordewich, Fergus
Bad religion : how we became a nation of heretics by Douthat, Ross Gregory
Caden's vow by McCarty, Sarah
The cat by Johnson, Jean
Celebrating ice cream and cake by Laskin, Avner
The children of Sánchez : autobiography of a Mexican family by Lewis, Oscar
Close your eyes : a novel by Ward, Amanda
Deliverance by Schraff, Anne
Europe on 5 wrong turns a day : one man, eight countries, one vintage travel guide by Mack, Doug
Fit to serve : reflections on a secret life, private struggle, and public battle to become the first openly gay U.S. ambassador by Hormel, James
Full Disclosure (LT) by Henderson, Dee
Go the fuck to sleep by Mansbach, Adam
Jump : a novel by Rue, Ginger
The kingdom by Stevens, Amanda
Land of promise : an economic history of the United States by Lind, Michael
The language of sand : a novel by Block, Brett
Light my fire : an Aisling Grey, guardian, novel by MacAlister, Katie
Lighthouse hauntings : 12 original tales of the supernatural
Midnight alley : an Ash Levine novel by Corwin, Miles
Midnight in Peking : how the murder of a young Englishwoman haunted the last days of Old China by French, Paul
My fake boyfriend is better than yours by Springer, Kristina
1,000 creative writing prompts : ideas for blogs, scripts, stories and more by Cohen, Bryan
The Oriental wife : a novel by Toynton, Evelyn
Paris in love : a memoir by James, Eloisa
The places that scare you : a guide to fearlessness in difficult times by Chodron, Pema
The prophet by Stevens, Amanda
The restorer by Stevens, Amanda
Field guide to writing flash fiction : tips from editors, teachers, and writers in the field
Something like normal by Doller, Trish
Star Wars : the essential guide to warfare by Fry, Jason
The starboard sea by Dermont, Amber
The surrender by Morris, Gilbert
The sword by Johnson, Jean
Trip of the tongue : cross-country travels in search of America's languages by Little, Elizabeth
The United States of fear by Engelhardt, Tom
Variant by Wells, Robison
When darkness falls by Lackey, Mercedes
The wolf by Johnson, Jean
Love is timeless by McGowan, Barbara
Stalked by Brennan, Allison
Think : straight talk for women to stay smart in a dumbed-down world by Bloom, Lisa

Books for Children (Fiction and Nonfiction)
Aphrodite the beauty by Holub, Joan
Artemis the brave by Holub, Joan
The talented Clementine by Pennypacker, Sara
Big Nate goes for broke by Peirce, Lincoln
All in the family : a look-it-up guide to the in-laws, outlaws, and offspring of mythology by Otfinoski, Steven
A bus called heaven by Graham, Bob
Diary of a Parent Trainer by Smith, Jennifer
The escape of the deadly dinosaur : USA by Hunt, Elizabeth
A home for Bird by Stead, Philip Christian
I gotta draw by Degen, Bruce
I have the right to be a child by Serres, Alain
Letters to Leo by Hest, Amy
The Mark of Athena by Riordan, Rick
Mr. Granite is from another planet! by Gutman, Dan
Oh my gods! : a look-it-up guide to the gods of mythology by Bryant, Megan
She's all that! : a look-it-up guide to the goddesses of mythology by Bryant, Megan
Two for one by DiCamillo, Kate
What a beast! : a look-it-up guide to the monsters and mutants of mythology by Kelly, Sophia
The year of the book by Cheng, Andrea

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