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Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Books we ordered May 9, 2012

Below is a list of the books recently ordered by the library. They are grouped by Adult. Click on the title to see more and request a copy!

Books for Adults (Fiction and Nonfiction)
Black scarface by DaSaint, Jimmy
Finding yourself in divorce by Warren, Anna Marie
All things new by Austin, Lynn
The altered case by Turnbull, Peter
Anatomy & physiology for dummies by Norris, Maggie
Angelmaker by Harkaway, Nick
Behold a pale horse : a mystery of ancient Ireland by Tremayne, Peter
Baddest bad boys by McKenna, Shannon
Bellwether revivals by Wood, Benjamin
Biology essentials for dummies by Kratz, René Fester
Black Diamond 2 : Nicety by Williams, Brittani
Bloodman by Pobi, Robert
Blue asylum : a novel by Hepinstall, Kathy
Burning midnight by Estleman, Loren
CelebraTORI : unleashing your inner party planner to entertain friends and family by Spelling, Tori
Chemistry for dummies by Moore, John
Cliff Walk : a Liam Mulligan novel by DeSilva, Bruce
Cop to corpse by Lovesey, Peter
Counterfeit Road by Russell, Kirk
Counting one's blessings : the selected letters of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
Dangerous mercy by Herman, Kathy
Dare me : a novel by Abbott, Megan
The dark heart by Tonkin, Peter
The dark monk : a hangman's daughter tale by Pötzsch, Oliver
Dead scared by Bolton, S. J.
Deadly politics by Sefton, Maggie
Diaries by Orwell, George
East of Denver by Hill, Gregory
The electric vehicle conversion handbook : how to convert cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles : includes EV components, kits, and project vehicles by Warner, Mark
The empty glass by Baker, J. I.
The fifty year sword by Danielewski, Mark
The elementals by Block, Francesca Lia
Foundation : the history of England by Ackroyd, Peter
Fun house by Grabenstein, Chris
Granddad, there's a head on the beach : a Jimm Juree mystery by Cotterill, Colin
The haven : a novel by Fisher, Suzanne
A hidden truth by Miller, Judith
A home in Drayton Valley by Sawyer, Kim
How to get out of your own way by Tyrese
The hunter/farmer diet solution : do you have the metabolism of a hunter or a farmer? find out-- and achieve your health and weight-loss goals! by Liponis, Mark
I brake for yard sales : and flea markets, thrift shops, auctions, and the occasional dumpster by Spencer, Lara
Jeneration X : one reluctant adult's attempt to unarrest her arrested development, or why it's never too late for her dumb ass to learn why Froot Loops are not for dinner by Lancaster, Jen
Kate's song by Beckstrand, Jennifer
The last man by Flynn, Vince
Lucky in love by Shalvis, Jill
The necromancer by Scott, Michael, 1959-
Pearls of wisdom : 30 inspirational ideas to live your best life now!
The perfect hope (LT) by Roberts, Nora
The preacher's son by Weber, Carl
Quiet as it's kept by Miller, Monique
Red means run : a novel by Smith, B. J.
Red velvet revenge by McKinlay, Jenn
Relentless pursuit by Herman, Kathy
Riding fury home : a memoir by Wilson, Chana
Scorch by Damico, Gina
Screwed! : how foreign countries are ripping America off and plundering our economy--and how our leaders help them do it by Morris, Dick
A simple autumn : a seasons of Lancaster novel by Lauer, Rosalind
A simple murder by Kuhns, Eleanor
A simple winter : a seasons of Lancaster novel by Lauer, Rosalind
Swagger : 10 urgent rules for raising boys in an era of failing schools, mass joblessness, and thug culture by Bloom, Lisa
Taming the wind (LT) by Peterson, Tracie
Taming the wind by Peterson, Tracie
Tier one wild by Fury, Dalton
A time for dancing : a novel by Hurwin, Davida
The time keeper by Albom, Mitch
Timeless love by O'Brien, Judith
To love and to cherish by Irvin, Kelly
Tower : an epic history of the Tower of London by Jones, Nigel
Trigun Maximum 1 by Nightow, Yasuhiro
Trigun maximum 2 by Nightow, Yasuhiro
The truth of all things by Shields, Kieran
Unending devotion by Hedlund, Jody
The unruly passions of Eugénie R. by DeSanti, Carole
The wings of morning by Pura, Murray
Wyatt by Disher, Garry
Young Henry : the rise of Henry VIII by Hutchinson, Robert

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