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Monday, April 14, 2008

Read profiles on your favorite stars, heroes & more

If you like to read about the lives of famous, historical, or other noteworthy people, then you will enjoy exploring Biography Reference Bank, one of the many resources available to you in the library's free online Research Center.

Biography Reference Bank contains profiles on over 550,000 people dating from antiquity to the present time. In addition, there are over 380,000 articles and 36,000 photos - all available for download!

Here's what you may find on each individual:
  • Feature articles
  • Interviews
  • Essays
  • Book reviews
  • Performance reviews
  • Speeches
  • Obituaries

Searching is easy. Just enter a name to start your search. You may also search by profession, place of origin, gender, ethnicity, birth/death dates, titles of works, or keyword.

Get started now or read more. A valid library card is required.

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