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Friday, April 11, 2008

New books we ordered April 10, 2008

Below is a list of the books recently ordered by the library. They are grouped by Fiction, Non-fiction, LargeType, and Children. Click on the title to see more and request a copy!

The future of love by Abbott, Shirley
Missing by Alvtegen, Karin
Tracing the shadow by Ash, Sarah
Affliction by Banks, Russell
Forever-- by Blume, Judy
Betsy's return by Brunstetter, Wanda
White Christmas pie by Brunstetter, Wanda
The seductive impostor by Chapman, Janet
Arctic drift by Cussler, Clive
Belong to me by De los Santos, Marisa
Picture perfect by Dokey, Cameron
The sky inside by Dunkle, Clare
Barrington Street Blues by Emery, Anne
The plague of doves by Erdrich, Louise
Towelhead by Erian, Alicia
Frames by Estleman, Loren
Wit's end by Fowler, Karen
Silks by Francis, Dick
The forgery of Venus by Gruber, Michael
Cheating at solitaire : a Gregor Demarkian novel by Haddam, Jane
The girl with no shadow by Harris, Joanne
The finder by Harrison, Colin
Easy innocence by Hellmann, Libby
Wild jinx by Hill, Sandra
The rules of seduction by Hunter, Madeline
Secrets of surreneder by Hunter, Madeline
A stranger's game by Johnston, Joan
The silver compass by Kennedy, Holly
Hangman's corner by King, Peter
My best friend's girl by Koomson, Dorothy
Another chance to dream by Kurland, Lynn
A dance through time by Kurland, Lynn
A garden in the rain by Kurland, Lynn
If I had you by Kurland, Lynn
My heart stood still by Kurland, Lynn
This is all I ask by Kurland, Lynn
Lavinia by Le Guin, Ursula
Curse of the Spellmans by Lutz, Lisa
The complete novels : At swim-two-birds, The third policeman, The poor mouth, The hard life, The Dalkey archive by O'Brien, Flann
Love is a many trousered thing : confessions of Georgia Nicolson by Rennison, Louise
Blindness by Saramago, Jose
The Market by Steele, J. M.
Friday nights by Trollope, Joanna
A paragon of virtue by Von Ditfurth, Christian
Sketches by Walters, Eric
December by Winthrop, Elizabeth
Dark force rising by Zahn, Timothy

Reconciliation : Islam, democracy, and the West by Bhutto, Benazir
Polk : the man who transformed the presidency and America by Borneman, Walter
How to spot a dangerous man before you get involved by Brown, Sandra
The 5 rules of thought : how to use the power of your mind to get what you want by Browne, Mary
Life after death : a renowned psychic reveals what happens to us when you die by Browne, Mary
Gusher of lies : the dangerous delusions of "energy independence" by Bryce, Robert
Ridiculous/hilarious/terrible/cool : a year in an American high school by Cooper, Elisha
Life and death in the Third Reich by Fritzsche, Peter
And the bride wore white : seven secrets to sexual purity by Gresh, Dannah
What your preschooler needs to know : read-alouds to get ready for kindergarten by Hirsch, E. D.
The two Babylons by Hislop, Alexander
A new kind of normal : hope-filled choices when life turns upside down by Kent, Carol
Dancing with life : finding meaning and joy in the face of suffering by Moffitt, Phillip
The oldest rookie : big-league dreams from a small-town guy by Morris, Jim
Evidences of Christianity by Paley, William
Natural theology : or, evidence of the existence and attributes of the deity, collected from the appearances of nature by Paley, William
The last lecture by Pausch, Randy
Grow your money! : 101 easy tips to plan, save, and invest by Pond, Jonathan
Raising unselfish children in a self-absorbed world by Rigby, Jill
Good germs, bad germs : health and survival in a bacterial world by Sachs, Jessica Snyder
The unofficial guide to cruises by Showker, Kay
Eastern wisdom for your soul : 111 meditations for everyday enlightenment by Singer, Richard Medical myths that can kill you : and the 101 truths that will save, extend, and improve your life by Snyderman, Nancy
Rick Steves' Best of Europe by Steves, Rick
Standing tall : a memoir of tragedy and triumph by Stringer, C. Vivian
Winning the disability challenge : a practical guide to successful living when accidents and illness strikes by Tholen, John
The hot topic : what we can do about global warming by Walker, Gabrielle
Taking care of the me in mommy : becoming a better mom: spirit, body & soul by Whelchel, Lisa

Long time coming by Brown, Sandra
Temperatures rising by Brown, Sandra
The dark tide by Gross, Andrew

The Berenstain Bears and the Mama's day surprise by Berenstain, Stan
Biscuit loves Mother's Day by Capucilli, Alyssa
Mother, you're the best! (but Sister, you're a pest!) / But Sister, You're a Pest! by De Groat, Diane
T. Rex and the Mother's Day hug by Grambling, Lois
What mommies do best ; What daddies do best by Numeroff, Laura
The mommy book by Parr, Todd
Mother's Day by Rockwell, Anne
All new crafts for Mother's Day and Father's Day by Ross, Kathy
Mother's Day mess by Ruelle, Karen
On Mother's lap by Scott, Ann

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