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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Heartwarming films for the holidays

Every year about this time, we put together a holiday movie display to make it easier for our patrons to find their favorite Christmas films. As I began to collect the videos for the annual display and had a startling realization--all but 7 of the Christmas films in the Adult Department were checked out and some of the most popular titles already have waiting lists! I wasn't sure what to do. What was I going to offer our patrons who came in looking for their yearly fix of Miracle on 34th Street and A Christmas Story? I couldn't turn them away empty handed to wait for that call letting them know their favorite movie is now's Christmas after all.
I needed something to fill the need for a movie that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy that strikes so strongly this time of year. Something for patrons to savor and enjoy until it's their turn for It's A Wonderful Life or White Christmas. So I would like to invite our patrons to browse the selection of heart-warming and inspiring movies hand-picked by your library staff to keep the heart fire's glowing until A Christmas Carol can grace your television screen.

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