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Thursday, July 18, 2013

New books we ordered the week of June 10, 2013

Below is a list of the books recently ordered by the library. They are grouped by Adult and Children. Click on the title to see more and request a copy!

Books for Adults (Fiction and Nonfiction)
Benjamin Franklin's bastard by Cabot, Sally
Robert Ludlum's the Bourne retribution : a new Jason Bourne novel by Lustbader, Eric
Christmas Keepsakes by VanLiere, Donna
Fingal O'Reilly : Irish Doctor by Taylor, Patrick
Knives : The World's Greatest Knife Book
Help Your Kids with Language Arts : A Step-by-step Visual Guide to Grammar, Punctuation, and Writing
Math for grownups : relearn the arithmetic you forgot from school so you can: calculate how much that raise will really amount to (after taxes), figure out if that new fridge will actually fit, help a third-grader with his fraction homework, convert calor by Laing, Laura
Barron's E-Z pre-algebra by Lorandini, Caryl
The pirate's wish by Clarke, Cassandra Rose
The girl with the iron touch by Cross, Kady
Over you by Reed, Amy
Belle epoque by Ross, Elizabeth
Remember Dippy by Vernick, Shirley
When you were here by Whitney, Daisy
Takedown Twenty by Evanovich, Janet
The Creeps : A Samuel Johnson Tale by Connolly, John
The woman he loved before by Koomson, Dorothy
Wear your dreams : my life in tattoos by Hardy, Edward
The Wednesday daughters : a novel by Clayton, Meg
The wild beasts of Wuhan : an Ava Lee novel by Hamilton, Ian
The wishing hill by Robinson, Holly
The world of the end by Gafla, Ofir Touché
The hope factory : a novel by Sankaran, Lavanya
Loyalty by Thoft, Ingrid
Lotería : a novel by Zambrano, Mario
In translation : translators on their work and what it means
Truth's ragged edge : the rise of the American novel by Gura, Philip
The Charleston Bulletin Supplements by Woolf, Virginia
Essays : a fully annotated edition by Thoreau, Henry
Go green, spend less, live better : the ultimate guide to saving the planet, saving money, and protecting your health by Trask, Crissy
Simply retro with Camille Roskelley : fresh quilts from classic blocks - use precut jelly rolls, charm packs, fat quarters & more. by Roskelley, Camille
Skirt-a-day sewing by Smith, Nicole
Country living decorating with white by Hyams, Gina.
Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum by Roberts, Paul
The Society for Useful Knowledge : how Benjamin Franklin and friends brought the Enlightenment to America by Lyons, Jonathan
The battle hymn of the republic : a biography of the song that marches on by Stauffer, John
Duel with the devil : the true story of how Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr teamed up to take on America's first sensational murder mystery by Collins, Paul
Prisoners of the White House : the isolation of America's presidents and the crisis of leadership by Walsh, Kenneth
High price : a neuroscientist's journey of self-discovery that challenges everything you know about drugs and society by Hart, Carl
Writing Your Life : A Guide to Writing Autobiographies by Borg, Mary
Miracle Road : An Eternity Springs Novel by March, Emily
Motherland by Nicholson, William
The Bride Wore Size 12 by Cabot, Meg
Starry Night : A Christmas Novel by Macomber, Debbie
Barron's E-Z English by Diamond, Harriet
Painless reading comprehension by Jones, Darolyn
Swords and hilt weapons by Sharpe, Mike
Letting Ana go
Ashes on the waves by Lindsey, Mary
Proxy by London, Alex
In the After by Lunetta, Demitria
Dare you to by McGarry, Katie
Our song by Fraiberg, Jordanna
The Trial of Pope Benedict : Joseph Ratzinger and the Vatican's Assault on Reason, Compassion, and Human Dignity by Gawthrop, Daniel
The truth by Palin, Michael
Twilight Is Not Good for Maidens : A Holly Martin Mystery by Allin, Lou
Undercover cop : how I brought down the real-life Sopranos by Russell, Michael
Sea Creatures by Daniel, Susanna
The universe versus Alex Woods by Extence, Gavin
Oh Dear Silvia by French, Dawn
Redemption Mountain : a novel by FitzGerald, Gerry
The female gaze : women artists making their world by Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Landprints : the landscape designs of Bernard Trainor by Heeger, Susan
Le Corbusier and the Power of Photography
Visual Judaism in late antiquity : historical contexts of Jewish art by Levine, Lee
Preacher Sean, Antiterrorist by Gaertner, Fred
Poems retrieved by O'Hara, Frank
The evangelicals you don't know : introducing the next generation of Christians by Krattenmaker, Tom
Imagining the kingdom : how worship works by Smith, James
Thomas Aquinas : a portrait by Turner, Denys
Other people's money : inside the housing crisis and the demise of the greatest real estate deal ever made by Bagli, Charles
HeadTrash : Cleaning Out the Junk That Stands Between You and Success by Squillaro, Tish
Paying for the party : how college maintains inequality by Armstrong, Elizabeth
A company man : the remarkable French-Atlantic voyage of a clerk for the Company of the Indies : a memoir by Caillot, Marc-Antoine
The woman before Wallis : Prince Edward, the Parisian courtesan, and the perfect murder by Rose, Andrew
The Gettysburg Campaign in numbers and losses : synopses, orders of battle, strengths, casualties, and maps, June 9-July 14, 1863 by Petruzzi, J. David
Guide to Gettysburg battlefield monuments by Huntington, Tom
A field guide to Gettysburg : experiencing the battlefield through its history, places, and people by Reardon, Carol
A journey through Tudor England by Lipscomb, Suzannah
Limping through life : a farm boy's polio memoir by Apps, Jerold
Call the nurse : true stories of a country nurse on a Scottish isle by MacLeod, Mary
Living and dying in Brick City : an E.R. doctor returns home by Davis, Sampson
The everyday DASH diet cookbook : over 150 fresh and delicious recipes to speed weight loss, lower blood pressure, and prevent diabetes by Heller, Marla
Gridlock by Dorgan, Byron
The Supreme Macaroni Company by Trigiani, Adriana
The Third Kingdom by Goodkind, Terry
Knives and swords : a visual history
Barron's E-Z geometry by Leff, Lawrence
E-Z math. by Prindle, Anthony
A moment comes by Bradbury, Jennifer
The Testing by Charbonneau, Joelle
Hidden by Curley, Marianne
The lost sun by Gratton, Tessa
Openly straight by Konigsberg, Bill
A trick of the light by Metzger, Lois
Rules of summer : a novel by Philbin, Joanna
How my summer went up in flames by Doktorski, Jennifer Salvato
Nothing but Blue by Jahn-Clough, Lisa
Thieves' quarry by Jackson, D. B.
To Timbuktu for a Haircut : A Journey Through West Africa by Antonson, Rick
Until she comes home by Roy, Lori
The village : a novel by Lalwani, Nikita
Wrong turn : America's deadly embrace of counterinsurgency by Gentile, Gian
You don't know me but you don't like me : Phish, Insane Clown Posse, and my misadventures with two of music's most maligned tribes by Rabin, Nathan
The gravity of birds by Guzeman, Tracy
Brewster : a novel by Slouka, Mark
Poppet by Hayder, Mo
The weight of a human heart : stories by O'Neill, Ryan
Chased Across Australia by Conger, Reynold
Summoning Ghosts : The Art of Hung Liu by De Guzman, Rene
Is God happy? : selected essays by Kołowski, Leszek
50 simple questions for every Christian by Harrison, Guy
Tour De France 100 : The Definitive History of the World's Greatest Race
Perspective by Smith, Ray Campbell
Paper pups : 35 dogs to copy, cut & fold by Hayakawa, Hiroshi
Farmhouse revival by Gross, Steve
Return from the natives : how Margaret Mead won the Second World War and lost the Cold War by Mandler, Peter
Guyasuta and the Fall of Indian America by Crytzer, Brady
The flower of empire : an Amazonian water lily, the quest to make it bloom, and the world it created by Holway, Tatiana
Great Scott : There's an Uber Right-Wing Creep in the Florida Governor's Office by Kister, Ken
The Lost Cause : The Trials of Frank and Jesse James by Muehlberger, James
Act of Congress : how America's essential institution works, and how it doesn't by Kaiser, Robert
Gettysburg : Turning Point of the Civil War: 150th Anniversary Tribute by Knauer, Kelly
The world through Arab eyes : Arab public opinion and the reshaping of the Middle East by Telhami, Shibley
American Savage : insights, slights, and fights on faith, sex, love, and politics by Savage, Dan
No joke : making Jewish humor by Wisse, Ruth
Getting physical : the rise of fitness culture in America by McKenzie, Shelly
The audacity of hops : the history of America's craft beer revolution by Acitelli, Tom
The ethical butcher : how thoughtful eating can change your world by Reed, Berlin
All he ever dreamed by Stacey, Shannon
The First Phone Call from Heaven by Albom, Mitch
Hour of the Red God by Crompton, Richard
That certain summer : a novel by Hannon, Irene
Two fronts by Turtledove, Harry
Barron's E-Z precalculus by Leff, Lawrence
E-Z spelling by Mersand, Joseph
Burning by Arnold, Elana
Born of illusion by Brown, Teri
Deviant by FitzGerald, Helen
Solstice by Hoover, P. J.
The corner of bitter and sweet by Palmer, Robin
Another little piece by Quinn, Kate Karyus
Call Me Amy by Strykowski, Marcia
Identity theft by Davies, Anna
Takedown Twenty (LT) by Evanovich, Janet
The Third Eye by Seewald, Andrew
To America With Love by Gill, A. A.
A Very Short Tour of the Mind : 21 Short Walks Around the Human Brain by Corballis, Michael
The violet hour : a novel by Hill, Katherine
The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles by Pancol, Katherine
Your network is your net worth : unlock the hidden power of connections for wealth, success, and happiness in the digital age by Gale, Porter
Last friends by Gardam, Jane
The resurrectionist : a novel by Guinn, Matthew
Kiss me first : a novel by Moggach, Lottie
I want to show you more : stories by Quatro, Jamie
Seaside Polaroids by Nicholson, Jon
Sicily : art and invention between Greece and Rome
Overweight sensation : the life and comedy of Allan Sherman by Cohen, Mark
River inside the river : three lyric sequences by Orr, Gregory
Basic Drawing Techniques by Box, Richard
Bead bugs : cute, creepy, and quirky projects to make with beads, wire, and fun found objects by Kopperude, Amy
The twelve caesars : the dramatic lives of the emperors of Rome by Dennison, Matthew
Edmund Burke : the first conservative by Norman, Jesse
This is how to get your next job : an inside look at what employers really want by Kay, Andrea
The United States of the united races : a utopian history of racial mixing by Carter, Greg
The price of justice : a true story of greed and corruption by Leamer, Laurence
Thieves of Book Row : New York's most notorious rare book ring and the man who stopped it by McDade, Travis
3.11 : disaster and change in Japan by Samuels, Richard
Brainspotting : the revolutionary new therapy for rapid and effective change by Grand, David
Handling the truth : on the writing of memoir by Kephart, Beth
The log of the Molly B by Hogan, Peter
Lead wars : the politics of science and the fate of America's children by Markowitz, Gerald
Di Bruno Bros. house of cheese : a guide to wedges, recipes, and pairings by Darlington, Tenaya
The drop 10 diet cookbook : more than 100 tasty, easy superfood recipes that effortlessly peel off pounds by Danziger, Lucy
1001 secrets every birder should know by Stiteler, Sharon
Bright light city : Las Vegas in popular culture by Gragg, Larry
The Honey Connoisseur : Selecting, Tasting, and Pairing Honey, With a Guide to More Than 30 Varietals by Marchese, C. Marina
The book of barely imagined beings : a 21st century bestiary by Henderson, Caspar
Imperial dreams : tracking the imperial woodpecker through the wild Sierra Madre by Gallagher, Tim
Five point touch therapy : acupressure for the emotional body by Delatte, Pierre-Noël
Quick check guide to gluten-free foods by McDonald, Linda
Principles of Chinese Medicine : What It Is, How It Works, and What It Can Do for You by Hicks, Angela
Principles of kinesiology : what it is, how it works, and what is can do for you by La Tourelle, Maggie
A dictionary of law by Law, Jonathan
A comprehensive dictionary of the Middle East by Hiro, Dilip
Long lankin by Banville, John
A marker to measure drift by Maksik, Alexander
A vs X.
Malavita : a novel by Benacquista, Tonino
The Ludwig Conspiracy by Potzsch, Oliver
The Navigator by Pocalyko, Michael
Forever, interrupted : a novel by Reid, Taylor Jenkins
Love, dishonor, marry, die, cherish, perish : a novel by Rakoff, David
The rules of Wolfe : a border noir by Blake, James
These mortal remains : a mystery by Burton, Milton
Requiem mass by Corley, Elizabeth
A Cold White Sun : A Constable Molly Smith Mystery by Delany, Vicki
Covet by Graves, Tracey
The irresistible blueberry bakeshop & cafe : a novel by Simses, Mary
Report from the interior by Auster, Paul
Cold Steel by Elliott, Kate
Cowboy take me away by Graves, Jane
The curse by Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Dead of night by Viehl, Lynn
Pretty in plaid : a life, a witch, and a wardrobe, or the wonder years before the condescending, egomaniacal, self-centered smart-ass phase by Lancaster, Jen
Relish : my life in the kitchen by Knisley, Lucy
Rise of the Gryphon by Kenyon, Sherrilyn
The shining girls by Beukes, Lauren
Alexandria : The Last Nights of Cleopatra by Stothard, Peter
Amor and psycho : stories by Cooke, Carolyn
Angel City by Steele, Jon
Another America : the story of Liberia and the former slaves who ruled it by Ciment, James
Archangel : fiction by Barrett, Andrea
Bonereapers by Matthews, Jeanne
Bones of a feather by Haines, Carolyn
Bottom line : a novel by Davis, Marc
The boys in the boat : nine Americans and their epic quest for gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics by Brown, Daniel
The curiosity by Kiernan, Stephen
A dangerous fiction : a novel by Rogan, Barbara
Deadly harvest by Stanley, Michael
Death in the vines by Longworth, M. L.
Eternally 21 by Hull, Linda
Every broken trust by Rodriguez, Linda
Blood sugar : the family by Moore, Michael
50 best plants on the planet : the most nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables, in 150 delicious recipes by Thomas, Cathy
Green equilibrium : the vital balance of humans & nature by Wills, Christopher
Tumbledown by Boswell, Robert
The Carp Castle by Harris, MacDonald
Burial rites : a novel by Kent, Hannah
Long division : a novel by Laymon, Kiese
Children are diamonds : an African apocalypse : a novel by Hoagland, Edward
Bobcat & other stories by Lee, Rebecca
Eléctrico W by Le Tellier, Hervé
A girl like you : a novel by Lindley, Maureen
Love among the particles & other stories by Lock, Norman
The mouse-proof kitchen by Shah, Saira
Batman. The City of Owls by Snyder, Scott
Men in Miami Hotels by Smith, Charlie
Are you gonna kiss me or not? by Thompson Square
Deb on Air - Live at Five by Moore, Laurie
The Philadelphia Quarry by Owen, Howard
Claws of the Cat : a Shinobi mystery by Spann, Susan
Death and the Olive Grove : An Inspector Bordelli Mystery by Vichi, Marco
After midnight : a Youngbloods novel by Viehl, Lynn
Admiral Hornblower in the West Indies by Forester, C. S.
Against the Mark by Martin, Kat
Arizona ambush by Johnstone, William
The ear of the heart : an actress' journey from Hollywood to Holy Vows by Hart, Dolores
Dreamveil : a novel of the Kyndred by Viehl, Lynn
Empire State by Christopher, Adam
Frostfire by Viehl, Lynn
Twice bitten by Neill, Chloe
Twice Loved by Brunstetter, Wanda
United we spy by Carter, Ally
The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo by Sparks, Kerrelyn
The Autobiography of Jack the Ripper : In His Own Words, the Confession of the World's Most Infamous Killer
Bet your bones by Matthews, Jeanne
Blessed are those who thirst by Holt, Anne
Blood Men by Cleave, Paul
Cemetery Lake : a thriller by Cleave, Paul
The child thief by Smith, Dan
Class A : baseball in the middle of everywhere by Mann, Lucas
Clever Fox : a Dani Fox novel by Pirro, Jeanine
Cold killing by Delaney, Luke
Death was in the blood by Richards, Linda
Delirious Delhi : inside India's incredible capital by Praeger, Dave
The Devil Laughed by Finger, Gerrie Ferris
Devil's night by Ritter, Todd
The good lord bird by McBride, James
The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane by Harms, Kelly
Graveland : a novel by Glynn, Alan
The great dissent : how Oliver Wendell Holmes changed his mind and changed the history of free speech in America by Healy, Thomas
The innocence game by Harvey, Michael
Inside the box : a proven system of creativity for breakthrough results by Boyd, Drew
The Things That Nobody Knows : 501 Mysteries of Life, the Universe and Everything by Hartston, William
The extreme searcher's Internet handbook : a guide for the serious searcher by Hock, Randolph
Voices of early Christianity : documents from the origins of Christianity
Historical dictionary of the old South by Richter, WilliamThe Returned by Mott, Jason
Love and lament : a novel by Thompson, John
Letters from Skye : a novel by Brockmole, Jessica
Red star falling / A Thriller by Freemantle, Brian
The rest of us by Lott, Jessica
In Falling Snow by MacColl, Mary-Rose
Shaman by Robinson, Kim Stanley
Help for the Haunted by Searles, John
Fiend : a novel by Stenson, Peter
Studio Saint-Ex : a novel by Szado, Ania
Night pilgrims : A Saint-Germain novel by Yarbro, Chelsea
Death takes a holiday : a F.R.E.A.K.S. squad investigation by Harlow, Jennifer
Close to the bone by MacBride, Stuart
On the razor's edge by Flynn, Michael
After the dawn : a family affair novel by Ray, Francis
My Greek drama : life, love, and one woman's Olympic effort to bring glory to her country by Angelopoulos, Gianna
The outsider : a memoir by Connors, Jimmy
Afterburn ; Aftershock by Day, Sylvia
The boomer burden : dealing with your parents' lifetime accumulation of stuff by Hall, Julie
Bright lights, big ass : a self-indulgent, surly ex-sorority girl's guide to why it often sucks in the city, or, Who are these idiots and why do they all live next door to me? by Lancaster, Jen
Dire needs : a novel of the eternal wolf clan by Tyler, Stephanie
A discourse in steel : a novel of Egil & Nix by Kemp, Paul
Friday night bites by Neill, Chloe
Heart of iron by McMaster, Bec
Nightshine by Viehl, Lynn
Some girls bite by Neill, Chloe
Tales from the Kentucky Wildcats Locker Room : A Collection of the Greatest Wildcats Basketball Stories Ever Told by Trease, Denny
White Trash Zombie Apocalypse by Rowland, Diana
Yarn to Go by Hechtman, Betty
As you like it by Shakespeare, William
At the dying of the year by Nickson, Chris
Cormac McCarthy's The road
Bone appétit by Haines, Carolyn
Brothers at war : the unending conflict in Korea by Jager, Sheila Miyoshi
Catch and Release by Block, Lawrence
Corrupt practices : a Parker Stern novel by Rotstein, Robert
The Crocodile by Giovanni, Maurizio De
Death makes the cut by Hamrick, Janice
Death of the demon by Holt, Anne
Dissident Gardens by Lethem, Jonathan
The emerald mile : the epic story of the fastest ride in history through the heart of the Grand Canyon by Fedarko, Kevin
The Geneva option by LeBor, Adam
The Goddess Chronicle by Kirino, Natsuo
An Eden of Sorts : The Natural History of My Feral Garden by Mitchell, John
Sodium girls limitless low-salt cookbook by Goldman, Jessica
The visioneers : how a group of elite scientists pursued space colonies, nanotechnologies, and a limitless future by McCray, Patrick
Principles of reiki by Boräng, Kajsa
The economics of inequality, poverty, and discrimination in the 21st century
The dogs of Christmas by Cameron, W. Bruce
Someone by McDermott, Alice
The bone season by Shannon, Samantha
The panopticon : a novel by Fagan, Jenni
The humans : a novel by Haig, Matt
The exiles : a novel by Lynn, Allison
Accidents happen by Millar, Louise
Christian nation : a novel by Rich, Frederic
Paris twilight by Rymer, Russ
On the come up : a novel, based on a true story by Weyer, Hannah
Two or Three Years Later : Forty-nine Digressions by Wolf, Ror
Sunrise : a John Bekker mystery by Lamanda, Al
Her Boyfriend's Bones by Matthews, Jeanne
The beautiful land by Averill, Alan
Neptune's brood by Stross, Charles
The unwinding : an inner history of the new America by Packer, George
Rumsfeld's rules by Rumsfeld, Donald
Three complete novels by Roberts, Nora
Can't stand the heat by Ellis, Shelly
Dire Desires : A Novel of the Eternal Wolf Clan by Tyler, Stephanie
Dire wants by Tyler, Stephanie
The hammer and the blade : a novel of Egil & Nix by Kemp, Paul
Miss Kay's Duck Commander Kitchen : Faith, Family, and Food--bringing Our Home to Your Table by Robertson, Kay
The storytelling animal : how stories make us human by Gottschall, Jonathan
The tower by Johnson, Jean
A wedding in the springtime by Forester, Amanda
Winger by Smith, Andrew
The arrivals : a novel by Marr, Melissa
Ask Bob : a novel by Gethers, Peter
Blue plate special : an autobiography of my appetites by Christensen, Kate
The bone house by Lawhead, Steve
Brick by brick by Robertson, David
A call to arms : mobilizing America for World War II by Klein, Maury
Cool war : the future of global competition by Feldman, Noah
Crazy rich Asians by Kwan, Kevin
Death of a dyer by Kuhns, Eleanor
Death rides again by Hamrick, Janice
Difficult Men : Behind the Scenes of a Creative Revolution: from the Sopranos and the Wire to Mad Men and Breaking Bad by Martin, Brett
Eleven days by Carpenter, Lea
The Fort by Davis, Aric
Gerald R. Ford : an honorable life by Cannon, James
Haldol and hyacinths : a bipolar life by Moezzi, Melody
The hanging : a thriller by Hammer, Lotte
Human Remains by Haynes, Elizabeth
The husband's secret by Moriarty, Liane
If the Shoe Fits by Mulry, Megan
A fatal likeness : a novel by Shepherd, Lynn
Fin & Lady by Schine, Cathleen
The Flinch Factor by Kahn, Michael
Hawkwood by McGee, James
Hell or Richmond : a novel by Peters, Ralph
House odds : a Joe Demarco thriller by Lawson, Michael
The last temptation by Finger, Gerrie
The Last Whisper in the Dark : a novel by Piccirilli, Tom
Lawrence in Arabia : War, Deceit, Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East by Anderson, Scott
Lexicon by Barry, Max
Midwinter blood : a novel by Kallentoft, Mons
Mist by Krinard, Susan
More bitter than death by Grebe, Camilla
Much ado about nothing by Shakespeare, William
Othello by Shakespeare, William
Out of range by Steinberg, Hank
The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature
The Oxford Dictionary of Music
Paint the bird by Packard, Georgeann
The Shanghai factor : a novel by McCarry, Charles
Shattered trident by Bond, Larry
The she-hulk diaries by Acosta, Marta
Shoot the dog : a Virgil Cain mystery by Smith, B. J.
The tender soldier : a true story of war and sacrifice by Gezari, Vanessa
The center holds : Obama and his enemies by Alter, Jonathan
The joker : a memoir by Hudgins, Andrew
Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, William
Lucky bastard by Coonts, Deborah
Macbeth : modern English version side-by-side with full original text by Shakespeare, William
The mannequin house by Morris, Roger
Margaret Thatcher : the authorized biography : from Grantham to the Falklands by Moore, Charles
Night terrors : a Daniel Rinaldi mystery by Palumbo, Dennis
No one could have guessed the weather by Casey, Anne-Marie
No regrets, Coyote by Dufresne, John
Odd man out by Hebert, Brandon
The Raven's Gift by Rearden, Don
Real talk for real teachers : advice for teachers from rookies to veterans : no retreat, no surrender by Esquith, Rafe
Reviver : a novel by Patrick, Seth
Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, William
The skull and the nightingale by Irwin, Michael
Sleepless in Hollywood : tales from the new abnormal in the movie business by Obst, Lynda Rosen.
Someone Else's Love Story by Jackson, Joshilyn
Some Kind of Peace by Grebe, Camilla
The Spirit Well by Lawhead, Steve
Jump the Gun by Burke, Zoe
The lady flirts with death : a Simon & Elizabeth mystery by Herring, Peg
Lookaway, lookaway by Barnhardt, Wilton
The lovebird by Brown, Natalie
Medea by Greenwood, Kerry
Memories of a Marriage : a novel by Begley, Louis
A midsummer night's dream by Shakespeare, William
My education by Choi, Susan
Night Film : A Novel by Pessl, Marisha
Original skin by Mark, David John
Oscar Wilde and the Vatican murders by Brandreth, Gyles
Pilgrim's wilderness : a true story of faith and madness on the Alaska Frontier by Kizzia, Tom
Rapscallion : a Regency crime thriller by McGee, James
The Rosie Project by Simsion, Graeme
Sacred Treason by Forrester, James
Silent voices : a Vera Stanhope mystery by Cleeves, Ann
Skinner by Huston, Charlie
Summer death : a thriller by Kallentoft, Mons
The tempest : modern English version side-by-side with full original text by Shakespeare, William
Tragic (LT) by Tanenbaum, Robert
Green-eyed lady : a mystery by Greaves, Chuck
Hamlet by Shakespeare, William
Hurt machine : a Moe Prager mystery by Coleman, Reed
I hear the sirens in the street : a Detective Sean Duffy novel by McKinty, Adrian
The keeper of hands : a Viennese mysteries novel by Jones, J. Sydney
The last line by Shaffer, Anthony
The Lion Seeker by Bonert, Kenneth
Loudmouth : tales (and fantasies) of sports, sex, and salvation from behind the microphone by Carton, Craig
Meet me at the Cupcake Café : a novel with recipes by Colgan, Jenny
The merchant of Venice : modern version side-by-side with full original text by Shakespeare, William
Mystery girl : a novel by Gordon, David
The Night Guest by McFarlane, Fiona
Onion street by Coleman, Reed
Oscar Wilde and the murders at Reading Gaol : a mystery by Brandreth, Gyles
A Piece of the Sun : The Quest for Fusion Energy by Clery, Daniel
Poisoned politics by Sefton, Maggie
Runaway man : a mystery by Handler, David
Saving Laura by Satterfield, Jim
Shorecliff : a novel by DeYoung, Ursula
The skies belong to us : love and terror in the golden age of hijacking by Koerner, Brendan
Straight flush : the true story of six college kids who dealt their way to a billion-dollar empire--and how it all came crashing down by Mezrich, Ben
Surgeon in blue : Jonathan Letterman, the Civil War doctor who pioneered battlefield care by McGaugh, Scott

Books for Children (Fiction and Nonfiction)
Awesome Dawson by Gall, Chris
The girl in the steel corset by Cross, Kady
The girl in the clockwork collar by Cross, Kady
The true blue scouts of Sugarman Swamp by Appelt, Kathi
The Monstore by Lazar, Tara
Lives of the Scientists : Experiments, Explosions (And What the Neighbors Thought) by Krull, Kathleen
A Year With Marmalade by Reynolds, Alison
I am the world by Smith, Charles R., Jr.
Eight Dolphins of Katrina : A True Tale of Survival by Coleman, Janet
The Untold Stories by Hunter, Erin
Tallstar's Revenge by Hunter, Erin
Sleeping Beauty's Daughters by Zahler, Diane
Home Sweet Horror by Preller, James
I Scream, You Scream! by Preller, James
Al Capone does my homework by Choldenko, Gennifer
Planes Read-along Storybook by O'Ryan, Ellie
October ogre by Roy, Ron
Magic tricks from the tree house : an activity companion to magic tree house #50: hurry up, Houdini! by Osborne, Mary
Good night galaxy by Gamble, Adam
Fun in the mud by Prokos, Anna
The Little Red Hen (makes a pizza) by Sturges, Philemon
Miss Bindergarten has a wild day in kindergarten by Slate, Joseph
The night before preschool by Wing, Natasha
A place called kindergarten by Harper, Jessica
Dr. Nicholas is ridiculous! by Gutman, Dan
Read Me a Story, Stella by Gay, Marie-Louise
Stella! : a treasury by Gay, Marie-Louise
Hurry up, Houdini! by Osborne, Mary Pope
Star Wars origami : 36 amazing paper-folding projects from a galaxy far, far away-- by Alexander, Chris
Horten's miraculous mechanisms : magic, mystery & a very strange adventure by Evans, Lissa
How the dinosaur got to the museum by Hartland, Jessie
How to be a cat by McClure, Nikki
Look up! : bird-watching in your own backyard by Cate, Annette
My cold plum lemon pie bluesy mood by Brown, Tameka Fryer
Over and under the snow by Messner, Kate
Prince Puggly of Spud : and the Kingdom of Spiff by Weston, Robert Paul
When Stravinsky met Nijinsky : two artists, their ballet, and one extraordinary riot by Stringer, Lauren
The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict by Stewart, Trenton Lee
The fire station by Munsch, Robert
Cheesie Mack is running like crazy! by Cotler, Stephen
A hole in the bottom of the sea by Law, Jessica
20 big trucks in the middle of the street by Lee, Mark
The Emu That Laid the Golden Egg by Morrison, Yvonne
Helping the Polonskys by Muhammad, Khaleel
Zoe's room (no sisters allowed) by Murguia, Bethanie
A single pearl by Napoli, Donna Jo
It's a firefly night by Ochiltree, Dianne
Go Bot, robot! / A Comic Reader by Rau, Dana
Sidekicked by Anderson, John
Beyond the solar system : exploring galaxies, black holes, alien planets, and more : a history with 21 activities by Carson, Mary Kay
Digger and Tom! by Braun, Sebastien
Rise of the Balloon Goons by Cummings, Troy
Ruff! : and the wonderfully amazing busy day by Church, Caroline
The day the crayons quit by Daywalt, Drew
Obi, gerbil on a school trip! by Delaney, M. C.
Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's library by Grabenstein, Chris
Obi, gerbil on a mission! by Delaney, M. C.
Starbounders by Epstein, Adam Jay
Twenty-six pirates by Horowitz, Dave
Henry's map by Elliot, David
The tiger terror by Griep, Terrance
Bats by Zeiger, Jennifer
Bloom's discovery
Secrets of Alfea
The magic of friendship by MacFarlane, Ysabet Reinhardt
Alien investigation : searching for the truth about UFOs and aliens by Halls, Kelly
The book of gardening projects for kids : 101 ways to get kids outside, dirty, and having fun by Cohen, Whitney
Ready set grow!
Grow it, cook it

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