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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New DVDs, Books on CD, & Music we ordered the week of June 10, 2013

Below is a list of the DVDs, Books on CD, and Music recently ordered by the library. Click on the titles to see more and request a copy!

High crimes
Eleanor : first lady of the world
Jeremy Fink and the meaning of life
Last exorcism part II
Wild hogs
You're welcome America
Peter Pan return to Neverland
Special agent Oso
Green Lantern : Manhunter menace
Green Lantern : Season one part 1
Smart cookies
Little Einsteins: Incredible shrinking adventure
Mike the knight: Knight in training
Best of Superman
Wiener dog nationals
Kung Fu panda: Legends of awesomeness / Good croc, bad croc
Good luck Charlie: Enjoy the ride
Scooby-Doo: Stage fright
Handy Manny: Movie night
Little Einsteins: Animal expedition
Best of Warner Bros. 50 cartoon collection: Looney tunes
Wiggles: Taking off
Ivan the incredible
Garfield show: Pizza dreams
Raising Izzie
Lost: A sheep story
Arthur stands up to bullying
Caillou: Big kid Caiillou
Pajanimals: Pajanimals party
Angelina ballerina: Mousical medleys
Nickelodeon favorites: Rootin tootin wild west
Black rock
Company of heroes
First time
Grey owl
Iron man 3
Mirrors 2
Sandlot ; Sandlot 2
Six steps to better golf with Michael Bannon
Laugh to keep from crying: The play
Nova: Earth from space
Putting: Hank Haney's essentials
Vikings: Season one
Haves and have-nots: The play

Books on CD
Necessary Lies by Chamberlain, Diane
Pirate Alley by Coonts, Stephen
Tell No Lies by Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew
A Seaside Christmas by Woods, Sherryl
You Are Not Forgotten by Bender, Bryan
Reflected in you by Day, Sylvia.
Bared to you by Day, Sylvia
Entwined with you by Day, Sylvia
World War Z by Brooks, Max
Dad is fat by Gaffigan, Jim.
Happy, happy, happy by Robertson, Phil
Keep it pithy by O'Reilly, Bill
Eleven rings by Jackson, Phil
Service by Luttrell, Marcus
My foot is too big for the glass slipper by Reece, Gabrielle
The Ferguson rifle by L'Amour, Louis
Mission to Mars by Aldrin, Buzz
Brilliant blunders by Livio, Mario

Music CDs
Thin Lizzy: Dedication
Fred Hammond : God, love & romance
Bellarive : Heartbeat
J Cole: Born sinner
Wale: Gifted
Dream: IV Play
Mickie James: Somebody's gonna pay
Kirk Franklin: Whatcha lookin' 4

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