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Friday, January 04, 2013

New Books we ordered Jan. 2, 2012

Below is a list of the books recently ordered by the library. They are grouped by Adult and Children. Click on the title to see more and request a copy!

Books for Adults (Fiction and Nonfiction)
Alone, together by Turkle, Sherry
Fanny Crosby : an autobiography by Crosby, Fanny
Great cholesterol myth by Bowden, Jonny
Living by the book by Hendricks, Howard
Bittersweet by Barr, Nevada
Dragonfire by Paul, Donita
Tsubasa #9 by CLAMP (Mangaka group)
Guns of the South by Turtledove, Harry
Widder's landing by Price, Eddie.
When a stranger loves by MacLean, Julianne
Chili death by Beck, Jessica.
Tall, dark and determined by Hake, Kelly Eileen
Rugged and relentless by Hake, Kelly Eileen
Park service by Winfield, Ryan
Strong and stubborn by Hake, Kelly Eileen
Bewilderment : new poems and translations by Ferry, David
Too big to miss by Jaffarian, Sue Ann
The curse of the holy pail by Jaffarian, Sue Ann
Never goin' back : winning the weight-loss battle for good by Roker, Al
Crushed by Shepard, Sara
Six ways to keep the "good" in your boy by Gresh, Dannah
Black history : more than just a month by Henry, Mike
The perils of Sherlock Holmes : short stories by Estleman, Loren
Half the sky : turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide by Kristof, Nicholas
I left my heart by Macomber, Debbie
Killer crullers by Beck, Jessica
Doctor sleep by King, Stephen
Waiting to be heard by Knox, Amanda
We are all completely beside ourselves by Fowler, Karen Joy
The body electric by Mack, David
Brinkmanship by McCormack, Una
The eternal tide by Beyer, Kirsten
Forgotten history by Bennett, Christopher
The persistence of memory by Mack, David
Plagues of night by George, David R., III.
Raise the dawn by George, David R., III.
Silent weapons by Mack, David
The air we breathe : a novel by Parrish, Christa
All he ever needed by Stacey, Shannon
Behind the beautiful forevers (LT) by Boo, Katherine
Brigham Young, pioneer prophet / Pioneer Prophet by Turner, John
Cat Daddy by Galaxy, Jackson
Edge of black by Ellison, J. T.
The great partnership : science, religion, and the search for meaning by Sacks, Jonathan
Killing floor by Child, Lee
Marmee & Louisa : the untold story of Louisa May Alcott and her mother by LaPlante, Eve
Midnight blue-light special : an Incryptid novel by McGuire, Seanan
The miracle carb diet : make calories and fat disappear--with fiber! by Zuckerbrot, Tanya
The orchid house : a novel by Riley, Lucinda
Paul and Jesus : how the Apostle transformed Christianity by Tabor, James
The Pope's Jews : the Vatican's secret plan to save Jews from the Nazis by Thomas, Gordon
Silver cross by Anderson, B. Kent
The thieves of legend : a thriller by Doetsch, Richard
Tsubasa #7 by CLAMP (Mangaka group)
Tsubasa #8 by CLAMP (Mangaka group)
Tsubasa #10 by CLAMP (Mangaka group)
Tsubasa #11 by CLAMP (Mangaka group)
Twice tempted by Frost, Jeaniene
Undead and underwater by Davidson, MaryJanice
Gilt trip by Childs, Laura
The heist by Evanovich, Janet
The heist (LT) by Evanovich, Janet
Ready to die by Jackson, Lisa
Tell me by Jackson, Lisa
Rose Harbor in bloom (LT) by Macomber, Debbie
Rose Harbor in bloom by Macomber, Debbie
Protector by Palmer, Diana
How the light gets in : a Chief Inspector Gamache novel by Penny, Louise
The last kiss goodbye : a Charlotte Stone novel by Robards, Karen
Deadly beef by Beck, Jessica

Books for Children (Fiction and Nonfiction)
Bedtime peekaboo! by Sirett, Dawn
A black hole is not a hole by DeCristofano, Carolyn
Blue tortoise by Rogers, Alan
Corny cornpicker finds a home by Hobbs, Louis
Diving for fun in Hawaii by Bosgra, Johann
Eyes, nose, toes
Goodnight Hawaiian moon by Carolan, Terry
Horrid Henry by Simon, Francesca
Musubi Man by Takayama, Sandi
My day at the beach by Fujitake, Dennis
Spindlers by Oliver, Lauren
That's not my bunny by Watt, Fiona
That's not my car by Watt, Fiona
That's not my fairy by Watt, Fiona
That's not my monkey by Watt, Fiona
Too many mangos by Paikai, Tammy
Zippy's tall tale by Moss, Olivia
Star Wars folded flyers by Harper, Benjamin
Roots for kids by Beller, Susan Provost
Life in the ocean by Nivola, Claire
Lego Ninjago character encyclopeda by Sipi, Claire
Cool drawing by Hanson, Anders
Bandit by Miles, Ellen
Belle the birthday fairy by Meadows, Daisy
Thea Stilton : big trouble in the Big Apple by Stilton, Thea
Binky takes charge by Spires, Ashley
A cheese-colored camper by Stilton, Geronimo
Cypher the Mountain Giant by Blade, Adam
The dragon prophecy : the fourth adventure in the Kingdom of Fantasy by Stilton, Geronimo
Each kindness by Woodson, Jacqueline
The enormouse pearl heist by Stilton, Geronimo
Everything dogs by Baines, Rebecca
Farm peakaboo! by Gardner, Charlie
The first samurai by Stilton, Geronimo
Four mice deep in the jungle by Stilton, Geronimo
Framed & dangerous by Harrington, Kim
Fright night by Stilton, Geronimo
Ricky Vargas : the funniest kid in the world by Katz, Alan
Creepella von Cacklefur : ghost pirate treasure by Stilton, Geronimo
Going up! : Elisha Otis's trip to the top by Kulling, Monica
Granny's clan : a tale of wild orcas by Hodson, Sally
Guinness world records 2013 : gamer's edition
The haunted castle by Stilton, Geronimo
Heart and soul : the story of America and African Americans by Nelson, Kadir
Helena the horse-riding fairy by Meadows, Daisy
The hobbit; or, There and back again by Tolkien, J. R. R.
I spy a funny frog by Marzollo, Jean
I spy animals by Marzollo, Jean
I spy letters by Marzollo, Jean
I spy numbers by Marzollo, Jean
I'm not a supermouse! by Stilton, Geronimo
Inside the body by Delafosse, Claude
It's Halloween night! by O'Connell, Jennifer
The journey to Atlantis by Stilton, Thea
Justin Bieber : just getting started. by Bieber, Justin
A knight in sticky armor by Posner-Sanchez, Andrea
The LEGO book by Lipkowitz, Daniel
LEGO Minifigures Character Encyclopedia
Lucy by Miles, Ellen
Creepella von Cacklefur : meet me in Horrorwood by Stilton, Geronimo
My tooth is loose, Dr. Moose! by Johnston, Teresa
The mystery in Venice by Stilton, Geronimo
Vroom! vroom! by Sirett, Dawn
Okay, so maybe I do have superpowers : by Jamie Kelly by Benton, Jim
Olivia : princess for a day : a pop-up storybook by Einhorn, Kama
One Direction : Popular Boy Band by Tieck, Sarah
100 deadliest things on the planet by Claybourne, Anna
Operation Trinity by Riley, Clifford
Partners in crime by Harrington, Kim
Pete at the beach by Dean, James
Pete the cat and his four groovy buttons by Litwin, Eric
Pete the Cat : Play ball! by Dean, James
Pete the Cat : I love my white shoes by Litwin, Eric
Pete's big lunch by Dean, James
Playtime peekaboo! by Sirett, Dawn
Please write back! by Morris, J. E.
Pocketful of posies : a treasury of nursery rhymes by Mavor, Salley
Princess Grace by Hoffman, Mary
Creepella von Cacklefur : return of the vampire by Stilton, Geronimo
Revenge of the Scorpion King by Abbott, Tony
Ripley's believe it or not! 2013
Rocky by Miles, Ellen
Run for the hills, Geronimo! by Stilton, Geronimo
Scholastic almanac for kids 2013
Scholastic book of world records 2013
Jangles : a big fish story by Shannon, David
School, hasn't this gone on long enough? : by Jamie Kelly by Benton, Jim
The scoop on poop! by Platt, Mary
Selena, the sleepover fairy by Meadows, Daisy
Sepron the Sea Serpent by Blade, Adam
Sleepover stakeout by Harrington, Kim
Home court by Stoudemire, Amar'e
The super-nice are super-annoying : by Jamie Kelly by Benton, Jim
Tagus the Night Horse by Blade, Adam
Thea Stilton and the blue scarab hunt by Stilton, Thea
Thea Stilton and the secret city by Stilton, Thea
Thea Stilton and the secret of the old castle by Stilton, Thea
There was a cold lady who swallowed some snow! by Colandro, Lucille
There was an old lady who swallowed some books! by Colandro, Lucille
Think big by Scanlon, Elizabeth
Creepella von Cacklefur : the thirteen ghosts by Stilton, Geronimo
Underground by Fleming, Denise
The vampire at half court by Doyle, Bill
Way of the ninja by West, Tracey
The way of the samurai by Stilton, Geronimo
The werewolf at home plate by Doyle, Bill
What can a crane pick up? by Dotlich, Rebecca
Why is milk white? : & 200 other curious chemistry questions by Coelho, Alexa
The world almanac for kids 2013
The world almanac for kids 2014

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