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Thursday, July 05, 2012

New Books we ordered July 3, 2012

Below is a list of the books recently ordered by the library. They are grouped by Adult. Click on the title to see more and request a copy!

Books for Adults (Fiction and Nonfiction)
Down by the river by Pelecanos, George
Incorporate and get rich by Allen, C. W.
Nibble theory by Jamison, Kaleel
Martyr by David, Peter
Deeply Odd (LT) by Koontz, Dean
Deeply Odd by Koontz, Dean
Six years by Coben, Harlan
Touch and go by Gardner, Lisa
Alys, always by Lane, Harriet
Annie's truth by Shriver, Beth
Aunt Dimity and the lost prince by Atherton, Nancy
Bonefire of the vanities by Haines, Carolyn
The book of Killowen by Hart, Erin
The bughouse affair by Muller, Marcia
The caller by Fossum, Karin
Choose to lose : the 7-day carb cycle solution by Powell, Chris
Darkest America : black minstrelsy from slavery to hip-hop by Taylor, Yuval
Dear drama by Spice, Braya
Deceit and devotion by Johnson, R. M.
Easter bunny murder by Meier, Leslie
The fireman who loved me : a bachelor firemen novel by Bernard, Jennifer
The formula for murder by McCleary, Carol
Gravity's engines : how bubble-blowing black holes rule galaxies, stars, and life in the cosmos by Scharf, Caleb
Heaven's war by Goyer, David
Here lies Hugh Glass : a mountain man, a bear, and the rise of the American nation by Coleman, Jon Imperfect bliss : a novel by Fales-Hill, Susan
The infinite tides : a novel by Kiefer, Christian
Miss Julia stirs up trouble by Ross, Ann
The nystery of Mercy Close : a Walsh Sister novel by Keyes, Marian
The ottoman scepter : a novel of suspense by Margolin, Phillip
Pobby and Dingan by Rice, Ben
The prince of risk by Reich, Christopher
Real vampires hate skinny jeans by Bartlett, Gerry
Red velvet cupcake murder by Fluke, Joanne
River republic : the fall and rise of America's rivers by McCool, Daniel
Sarah Thornhill by Grenville, Kate
The Sinatra Club by Polisi, Salvatore
The stolen chalice : a novel by Pilgrim, Kitty
Stuart : a life backwards by Masters, Alexander
Unusual uses for olive oil by McCall Smith, Alexander
The violet blue by Czepiel, Kathy Leonard
Welcome back to Pie Town by Hinton, J. Lynne
What the (bleep) just happened? : the happy warrior's guide to the great American comeback by Crowley, Monica
Where the bodies are buried by Brookmyre, Christopher
The wrath of angels : a Charlie Parker thriller by Connolly, John
Yes, chef : a memoir by Samuelsson, Marcus
Equal of the sun : a novel by Amirrezvani, Anita
The master's muse : a novel by O'Connor, Varley
The reckoning by Casey, Jane

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