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Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Books we ordered June 27, 2012

Below is a list of the books recently ordered by the library. They are grouped by Adult and Children. Click on the title to see more and request a copy!

Books for Adults (Fiction and Nonfiction)
Gentlemen's hour (LT) by Winslow, Don
Return to Willow Lake (LT) by Wiggs, Susan
Dancing lesson by Burke, Cheryl
Einstein never used flashcards by Hirsh-Pasek, Kathy
Fat2Fit by Turley, Russ
50 ways to soothe yourself without food by Albers, Susan
Honestly by Walsh, Sheila
Peace Pilgrim by Peace Pilgrim
13 steps to mentalism by Corinda, Tony
Dead and loving it by Davidson, MaryJanice
Shoedog by Pelecanos, George
Diners, dives and dead ends by Austin, Terri
Against the odds by Martin, Kat
The unexpected husband by Macomber, Debbie
The accursed by Oates, Joyce Carol
The accursed (LT) by Oates, Joyce Carol
Adele : the biography by Shapiro, Marc
The after wife : a novel by Grazer, Gigi Levangie
Against the tide by Camden, Elizabeth
Alien diplomacy by Koch, Gini
American empire, 1945-2000 : the rise of a global power, the democratic revolution at home by Freeman, Joshua Benjamin
An American son : a memoir by Rubio, Marco
The arrangement by Balogh, Mary
Autumn Winds by Hubbard, Charlotte
Avatar : the last airbender : The promise :Part two by Yang, Gene Luen
Beyond tomorrow by Michaels, Fern
Big Sky River by Miller, Linda Lael
The Blood Gospel by Rollins, James
The Blood Gospel (LT) by Rollins, James
Blood money by Grippando, James
Blood Money (LT) by Grippando, James
Blue water, green skipper / A Memoir of Sailing Alone Across the Atlantic by Woods, Stuart
Charles Dickens and the Blacking Factory by Allen, Michael
Charles Dickens and the great theatre of the world by Callow, Simon
Daddy love by Oates, Joyce Carol
Dark magic by Swain, James
Dear Marcus : speaking to the man who shot me by McGill, Jerry
The double game by Fesperman, Dan
Eating mindfully : how to end mindless eating and enjoy a balanced relationship with food by Albers, Susan, Psy.D.
Ever after by Harrison, Kim
Footprints in the sand : a Piper Donovan mystery by Clark, Mary Jane Behrends
Footprints in the sand (LT) by Clark, Mary Jane Behrends
A foreign country by Cumming, Charles
Forever and a day by Shalvis, Jill
Four play by Banks, Maya
The gift of pets : stories only a vet could tell by Coston, Bruce
Gilt by Longshore, Katherine
A good man : rediscovering my father, Sargent Shriver by Shriver, Mark
The great destroyer : Barack Obama's war on the republic by Limbaugh, David
The guardian (LT) by Lewis, Beverly
The guardian by Lewis, Beverly
The guardian of all things : the epic story of human memory by Malone, Michael
Hello goodbye hello : a circle of 101 remarkable meetings by Brown, Craig
How to find out anything : from extreme Google searches to scouring government documents, a guide to uncovering anything about everyone and everything by MacLeod, Don
I got a name : the Jim Croce story by Croce, Ingrid
Inner circle by Lozada, Evelyn
Jesus through pagan eyes : bridging neopagan perspectives with a progressive vision of Christ by Townsend, Mark, Rev.
The Jewish Gospels : the story of the Jewish Christ by Boyarin, Daniel
Ladies in waiting by Sullivan, Laura
The last minute by Abbott, Jeff
The leadership challenge : how to make extraordinary things happen in organizations by Kouzes, James
The letter : my journey through love, loss, and life by Tillman, Marie
Lionel Asbo : state of England by Amis, Martin
The little red guard : a family memoir by Huang, Wenguang
The lost prince by Edwards, Selden
Love, life, and elephants : an African love story by Sheldrick, Daphne Jenkins
Motherland by Sohn, Amy
Murder on Gramercy Park by Thompson, Victoria
Murder on Mulberry Bend by Thompson, Victoria
Murder on St. Mark's Place by Thompson, Victoria
Murder on Washington Square by Thompson, Victoria
Not Taco Bell material by Carolla, Adam
Not young, still restless : a memoir by Cooper, Jeanne
Paterno by Posnanski, Joe
The Peculiars by McQuerry, Maureen
The pigeon pie mystery by Stuart, Julia
Pilgrims don't wear pink by Strohm, Stephanie Kate
A place to belong (LT) by Snelling, Lauraine
A place to belong by Snelling, Lauraine
The Pro Football Hall of Fame 50th anniversary book : where greatness lives
A promise for Miriam by Chapman, Vannetta
The rip tide, ultra-glide by Dorsey, Tim
Rogue rider by Ione, Larissa
Shooting Victoria : madness, mayhem, and the rebirth of the British Monarchy by Murphy, Paul Thomas
Size 12 and ready to rock by Cabot, Meg
Sophomore campaign : a Mickey Tussler novel by Nappi, Frank
The sound of breaking glass by Crombie, Deborah
The sound of breaking glass (LT) by Crombie, Deborah
Superman : the high-flying history of America's most enduring hero by Tye, Larry
Take It like a man : the autobiography of Boy George by Boy George
The taken by Pettersson, Vicki
1356 : go With God, but fight like the devil by Cornwell, Bernard
1356 (LT) by Cornwell, Bernard
Too high to fail : cannabis and the new green economic revolution by Fine, Doug
The unholy by Graham, Heather
Unintended consequences : why everything you've been told about the economy is wrong by Conard, Ed
Until I die by Plum, Amy
Wards of Faerie : the dark legacy of Shannara by Brooks, Terry
The watch : a novel by Roy-Bhattacharya, Joydeep
The weird : a compendium of strange and dark stories
When God talks back : understanding the American evangelical relationship with God by Luhrmann, T. M.
When money dies : the nightmare of deficit spending, devaluation, and hyperinflation in Weimar Germany by Fergusson, Adam
You are the love of my life : a novel by Shreve, Susan Richards

Books for Children (Fiction and Nonfiction)
Secret, silent screams by Nixon, Joan Lowery
More adventures of the Great Brain by Fitzgerald, John
Milton Hershey by Eboch, M. M.
Hello Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle by MacDonald. Betty
Clue of the dancing puppet by Keene, Carolyn
Blood runner : the long race to freedom by Riordan, James
Chicken, pig, cow, and the class pet by Ohi, Ruth
Chicken, pig, cow horse around by Ohi, Ruth
The outcasts by Flanagan, John
Benjamin Franklin, young printer by Stevenson, Augusta
Bold boxers by Hanson, Anders
The Borrowers by Norton, Mary
Centerburg tales by McCloskey, Robert
The Great Brain by Fitzgerald, John Dennis
Homer Price by McCloskey, Robert
Lassie come-home by Knight, Eric
Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's farm by MacDonald, Betty Bard
The mysterious tadpole by Kellogg, Steven
Mystery of the tolling bell. by Keene, Carolyn
The challenge of Samukai! by Farshtey, Greg
Mask of the sensei by Farshtey, Greg
Rise of the serpentine by Farshtey, Greg
Tomb of the Fangpyre by Farshtey, Greg
Ninjago 5 by Farshtey, Greg
Lego Ninjago, masters of spinjitsu : official guide. by Farshtey, Greg
The Nutcracker and the Mouse King by Maysen, Wren
Return to Howliday Inn by Howe, James
Snake Attack! by West, Tracey
Tecumseh : Shooting Star of the Shawnee by Zimmerman, Dwight Jon
What a good kitty by Mayer, Mercer
Who Is J. K. Rowling? by Pollack, Pam
Who is Maria Tallchief? by Gourley, Catherine
Who is Neil Armstrong? by Edwards, Roberta
Who was Abraham Lincoln? by Pascal, Janet
Who was Amelia Earhart? by Jerome, Kate Boehm
Who was Babe Ruth? by Holub, Joan
Who was Dr. Seuss? by Pascal, Janet
Who was Elvis Presley? by Edgers, Geoff
Who was Queen Elizabeth? by Eding, June
Who was Steve Jobs? by Pollack, Pam
Who was Walt Disney? by Stewart, Whitney
Who was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? by McDonough, Yona
Who were the Beatles? by Edgers, Geoff

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