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Thursday, July 01, 2010

DVDs, Book on CDs, and Music ordered June 30th

Below is a list of the DVDs, Books on CD, and Music recently ordered by the library. Click on the titles to see more and request a copy!

Battle in Seattle
Before you say I do
Borrowed hearts
The cry of the owl
A fork in the road
Kill theory
What I did for love
The crazies
D.C. Cab
Tinker Bell and the great fairy rescue
Cop dog

Books on CD

Just Americans by Asahina, Robert
Elegy for April by Black, Benjamin
No simple victory by Davies, Norman
A nation rising by Davis, Kenneth
The burning wire by Deaver, Jeffery
The forgotten 500 by Freeman, Gregory
Creative visualization by Gawain, Shakti
To save America by Gingrich, Newt
The airmen and the headhunters by Heimann, Judith
Unbroken by Hillenbrand, Laura
The giver by Lowry, Lois
The rule of nine by Martini, Steve
Faith of my fathers by McCain, John
The greatest battle by Nagorski, Andrew
Body work by Paretsky, Sara
The ultimate battle by Sloan, Bill
Iwo Jima by Smith, Larry
The Burma Road by Webster, Donovan

Music CDs
Matt Maher: Alive again
John Prine: Broken hearts and dirty windows
Jimmy Webb: Just across the river

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