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Friday, April 02, 2010

New books we ordered March 31st

Below is a list of the books recently ordered by the library. They are grouped by Adult and Children. Click on the title to see more and request a copy!

Books for Adults (Fiction and Nonfiction)
Wingnuts : how the lunatic fringe is hijacking America by Avlon, John
How it all vegan! : irresistible recipes for an animal-free diet by Barnard, Tanya
To die for by Braidhill, Kathy
Little nuggets of wisdom / Big Advice from the Small Star of Chelsea Lately by Bravo, Chuy
Lydia's Charm : an Amish widow starts over in Charm, Ohio by Brunstetter, Wanda
Sarah's choice by Brunstetter, Wanda
Mad world : Evelyn Waugh and the secrets of Brideshead by Byrne, Paula
Forgotten God : reversing our tragic neglect of the Holy Spirit by Chan, Francis
California connection 2 by Chunichi
Whatever mother says-- : an incredible true story of death and destruction inside one ordinary family by Clarkson, Wensley
Down and derby : the insider's guide to roller derby by Cohen, Alex
Matched by Condie, Allyson
Whip it by Cross, Shauna
The last fix by Dahl, Kjell Ola
Death cruise by Davis, Don
A diary of gastric bypass surgery : when the benefits outweigh the costs by Drummond, Darlene
On evil by Eagleton, Terry
A dream for Hannah by Eicher, Jerry
A hope for Hannah by Eicher, Jerry
Slaughterhouse : the shocking story of greed, neglect, and inhumane treatment inside the U.S. meat industry by Eisnitz, Gail
Hot blood : the money, the Brach heiress, the horse murders by Englade, Ken
Unanswered cries : a true story of friends, neighbors, and murder in a small town by French, Thomas
Maid to match by Gist, Deeanne
Beguiled by Gist, Deeanne
The divine name : the sound that can change the world by Goldman, Jonathan
Every little thing in the world by Gramont, Nina de
These boots are made for stalking by Harrison, Lisi
Hex Hall by Hawkins, Rachel
Trust the dog : rebuilding lives through teamwork with man's best friend by Hirshey, Gerri
Loose ends by Janzen, Tara
Loose and easy by Janzen, Tara
On the loose by Janzen, Tara
Breaking loose by Janzen, Tara
Crazy love by Janzen, Tara
If the dead rise not : a Bernie Gunther novel by Kerr, Philip
Unbound : a true story of war, love, and survival by King, Dean
Table manners by King, Mia
Take Four (LT) by Kingsbury, Karen
Dragon champion by Knight, E. E.
Kentucky : an explorers guide by Kremer, Deborah Kohl
Angry fat girls : 5 women, 500 pounds, and a year of losing it-- again by Kuffel, Frances
The biology of belief : unleashing the power of consciousness, matter & miracles by Lipton, Bruce
Confessions of an ugly stepsister by Maguire, Gregory
Matterhorn : a novel of the Vietnam War by Marlantes, Karl
Burning for revenge by Marsden, John
Darkness, be my friend by Marsden, John
The dead of night by Marsden, John
The night is for hunting by Marsden, John
The other side of dawn by Marsden, John
Tomorrow, when the war began by Marsden, John
Witch & Wizard 2 by Patterson, James
Angel : a Maximum Ride novel by Patterson, James
Endless war : Middle-Eastern Islam vs. Western Civilization by Peters, Ralph
Basketball for dummies by Phelps, Richard
The last stand : Custer, Sitting Bull, and the Battle of the Little Bighorn by Philbrick, Nathaniel
No chance by Reece, Christy
Whoever fights monsters by Ressler, Robert
The last crusaders : the hundred-year battle for the centre of the world by Rogerson, Barnaby
Kid Carolina : R.J. Reynolds, Jr., a tobacco fortune, and the mysterious death of a Southern icon by Schnakenberg, Heidi
Mushrooming without fear : the beginner's guide to collecting safe and delicious mushrooms by Schwab, Alexander
The genius in all of us : why everything you've been told about genetics, talent, and IQ is wrong by Shenk, David
Heartless : a pretty little liars novel by Shepard, Sara
Shamara by Spangler, Catherine
Shadow crossing by Spangler, Catherine
Constantine : unconquered emporer, Christian victor by Stephenson, Paul
The other family by Trollope, Joanna
Exodus from the Alamo : the anatomy of the last stand myth by Tucker, Phillip
Greater love by Whitlow, Rober
Germania : in wayward pursuit of the Germans and their history by Winder, Simon
The bridge of peace by Woodsmall, Cindy

Books for Children (Fiction and Nonfiction)
Pokémon adventures 3 by Kusaka, Hidenori
Pokémon adventures 4 by Kusaka, Hidenori

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