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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Feast on Film!

For the month of November, we've cooked up a delicious video display with flavors for every taste and palate. You may want to start with Breakfast at Tiffany's and sample the Seabiscuit and Beetlejuice. Lunchtime brings the ever popular Marx-mix of Duck Soup with Animal Crackers, perhaps washed down with a nice Manhattan. Those mid-afternoon munchies can be beat with a small serving of Goodbye, Mr. Chips or for our more health conscious patrons, Grapes of Wrath. Dinner is always delightful with Father Goose, seasoned lightly with Rosemary's Baby and just a hint of Basil. A heaping serving of M*A*S*H potatoes and Mr. Bean rounds out this fine meal. For dessert we have your choice of Vanilla Sky or Chocolat and some very nice Tea and Sympathy.

If these movies don't get your attention, then come on over and check out our selection for yourself. Just don't miss our all-you-can-watch buffet display this month!

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